The Argos Soditic team is very proud to partner the team of our colleague Patricia Ciciliani and her new team mate Katia Bouey who are each competing for the 4th time in the Aïcha des Gazelles Rally.
Patricia and Katia intend throwing themselves wholeheartedly into  “this wonderful, human and sporting adventure  which aptly expresses our sympathy with and  support for  the  different humanitarian organisations it partners and promotes.  Our thanks go to all who have placed their faith in our team ».


The Aïcha des Gazelles Rally is a unique international and human adventure.
It is the only 100% feminine Rally.  Since 1990, women from 18 to 65 years old and from 33 different countries have competed in this Rally in the Moroccan desert.
The Aïcha des Gazelles Rally promotes a different vision of automobile rallies: no speed, no GPS, only old style navigation, uniquely off piste.
Gaz’for elles is partnered with the Rare Diseases Association, created on 24th February 2000, which today groups 200 patients’ associations and provides support and assistance to people suffering from “orphan” diseases.


The dates of the 22nd edition of the Rally

From 17th to 19th March 2012
- Technical and administrative verifications
- Transfer to Morocco

From 20th to 29th March 2012
- The Rally in Morocco

30th March 2012
- Transfer to Essaouira
31st March 2012
- Official arrival
- Prize giving and closing celebration


For further information and to keep up to date on Gaz’for elles Team 123 and its progress in the Rally:

• Gaz for’elles
• Association maladies rares
• Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles