Argos Soditic

Argos Soditic is an independent European private equity group supporting management buyouts of medium sized companies and has offices in Paris, Geneva, Milan and Brussels. Argos Soditic finds solutions for complex transactions (MBI’s, spin-offs) favouring business restructuring and growth before leverage.

Their approach is characterised by a very close relationship with management teams, an entrepreneurial spirit, transparency and a strong sense of social responsibility.

Argos Soditic is a member of EVCA as well as national associations in France (AFIC), Italy (AIFI), Switzerland (SECA) and BVA (Belgium).

Argos Soditic France is regulated by the AMF and is AIFMD compliant.


Argos Mid-Market Index

The Argos Index, launched in 2006, measures the evolution of euro zone private mid market company valuations. Carried out by Epsilon Research for Argos Soditic and published every three months, it reflects median EV/EBITDA multiples, on a six-month rolling basis, of mid market M&A transactions in the euro zone.
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